Delta Airline Hits 50 Million Passengers in Q1

Enterprise Television- Delta Airline Hits 50 Million Passengers in Q1

Delta Airline in its second quarter of 2018 recorded 50 million customers flown in three months from April to June.

In June alone, Delta flew more customers than any other month in the company’s history, with nearly 17.7 million flying on mainline and Delta connection flights around the world.

While June 30, 2017, still holds the record for most customers flown on a single day at more than 646,000, the Friday before 2018, Fourth of July holiday wasn’t far behind with just a thousand fewer customers flown.

Still on June 2018, recording a busy month, racking up six of the top 10 consolidated passenger days of all time, the remaining four days all happened in summer 2017  proving yet again that it’s summer, not the Thanksgiving and winter holidays, that takes the cake for busiest days of the year.

Delta’s senior vice president, Operations and Customer Center, Dave Holtz said, “We’ve made a commitment to our customers to be a reliability leader, delivering a safe, on-time product and the 80,000 employees of Delta are doing just that.

We’re seeing customers fly Delta in record numbers this summer and it’s a resounding testament to the hard work and focus of our employees.”

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