DPO Group Partners with Mastercard to Boost Payment Services in Africa

Division President for Sub-Saharan Africa, Raghav Prasad

DPO Group Partners with Mastercard to Boost Payment Services in Africa

An American multinational financial services corporation, Matercard Incorporated and DirectPay Online (DPO Group), Africa’s leading payment service provider, have announced a collaboration to enable more than 40,000 African merchants to accept Mastercard payments.

The partnership is designed to ensure more people and businesses are connected to the global economy.

The collaboration is expected to enable DPO act as a Pan-African switch by using the Mastercard Payments Gateway Services (MPGS). DPO would now be able to independently authorise transactions without any bank integration required.

Mastercard would enable payment partners like DPO to easily and securely accept a wide range of digital payment methods from all over the world and for numerous industries online, in-person and via mobile.

The initiative seeks to ensure both small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are critical to the growth of the African economy and global enterprises, are better equipped to process payments across Africa via a simple integration to a single platform.

The collaboration between the two firms will improve merchant benefits by providing seamless, secure digital payment acceptance; access to cutting-edge technologies; fraud management, and global connectivity through recognised payment methods.

In a statement released by Mastercard, the company’s Division President for Sub-Saharan Africa, Raghav Prasad said “Mastercard’s partnership with DPO is an important milestone in our vision to financially include every African.

Our partnerships with DPO and other key FinTechs across Africa, allows Mastercard to speed up building of the acceptance railroads that will drive the growth of secure and convenient electronic payments. This in turn acts as the engine that drives faster economic growth across the continent for the benefit of millions of Africans.”

DPO’s Group CEO, Eran Feinstein, who spoke on the partnership said “by enabling both customers and merchants to transact securely online and offline we’re able to facilitate the growth of businesses across Africa. With the right pan-African technology partners, we’ve managed to turn online transactions to a preferred choice of conducting business across all industries”.

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