Health Concerns Dampen Seaweed Market Growth

Health concerns are dampening buyers’ enthusiasm in the seaweed market, SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced a downward trend in the procurement of commercial seaweed in its latest report.

The comprehensive report is contained their  just released Global Commercial Seaweed Category – Procurement Market Intelligence Report.

According to the report, the onset of health hazards such as thyroid cancer in women and hyperthyroidism in children, post the consumption of seaweed food is leading to a decelerating spend growth momentum for the commercial seaweed market.

In addition, multiple health issues faced by the seaweed farmers owing to prolonged exposure to seawater is impacting the seaweed productivity and, thereby, affecting the market’s growth.

“Buyers must ensure that the suppliers follow the requisite agricultural practices for cultivating seaweed. This is important to attain quality assurance of the seaweeds that are meant for consumption,” says SpendEdge procurement expert Anil Seth.

To sustain and ensure optimal business performance in this dynamic commercial seaweed market, both the buyers and the suppliers require critical insights into the core factors that influence every aspect of the market, including growth and its pricing structure.

The procurement experts at SpendEdge expect the following factors to play a key role in influencing the global category-spend for the commercial seaweed market. Health hazards following the consumption of seaweed food and growing application of seaweed in biofuel generation.

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