HoS Plans to Increase Salary, Others to Boost Civil Service

Enterprise Television- Plans to Increase Salary, Others to Boost Civil Service

The Head of the Civil Service, Nigeria, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, on Wednesday announced the plan to ensure that the nation’s civil service was efficient, productive, incorruptible and citizen-centered.

Oyo-Ita said the strategy, which has been approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC), had eight priority areas selected based on their potential for impact in the short-term and their relevance to the ERGP implementation roles.

She identified salary review as the first step towards enhancing civil servants’ values.

“We need to launch a salary review of the civil service as a first step to enhance the value proposition of civil servants.

She said the plan would also seek to re-design three core-training modules, including Leadership Enhancement and Development Programme as a top talent programme and identify a ‘LEAD-P Presidential Cohort’ to cultivate as next generation of leaders in service.

Oyo-Ita  said that the plan will also launch a strategic sourcing of identified skills to bring in external talent at senior levels to drive high-level impact; institutionalise performance management by finalising the performance management system, piloting tools and introducing non-monetary recognition; drive innovation in service by establishing public service innovation unit within the OHCSF and launching an innovation challenge towards reducing cost of governance and increasing revenue generation.

She said explained that others included the launch of an EPIC culture transformation of the civil service; accelerate roll-out of the full implementation of Integrated Personnel and Pay Roll Information System Human Resource module, and the establishment of an enterprise content management solution to digitise content.

Reviewing that the plan was expected to have delivered outcomes that include N60n-120bn savings from cleaning HR data on IPPIS; N2.5bn annual savings from digitizing content; 25,000 civil servants trained through revamped core modules; and 200 future leaders cultivated through LEAD-P, among others.


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