South Africa’s Iconic City Run out of Water by April

Enterprise Television- South Africa’s Iconic City Run Out Of Water By April

South Africa’s Cape Town, one of the world’s iconic tourist destinations, could run out of water by April as the city’s worst drought in a century risks forcing residents to join queues for emergency rations.

Travel and tourism was accounted for an estimated 9 percent or 412 billion rand ($33 billion) of South Africa’s economic output last year, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Authorities want to reduce the city’s consumption to 500 million litres a day – half the amount used two years ago.

Businesses in the hospitality industry also said they are trying to help, limiting showers to two minutes and using water used for washing dishes and clothes to water garden.

Officials said a maximum of 25 litres of water will be provided per person, per day.


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