Tanzania Targets 10,000MW of Power by 2025- Ministry

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Tanzania Targets 10,000MW of Power by 2025- Ministry

Tanzania’s Deputy Energy Minister, Subira Mgalu has revealed plans of the country’s aim to have six times its current power generation capacity by 2025 through investment in thermal and renewable energy.

Tanzania has reserves of over 57 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas, but faces periodic power shortages. Investors have insisted that a lack of reliable power hurts business in the country.

Mgalu said “implementation of various power generation projects will increase the capacity of our national power grid from 1,602 megawatts presently to 10,000 megawatts by 2025”.

The East African country said it plans to export surplus electricity to energy-starved nations in Eastern and Southern Africa once it has boosted its generation capacity.

The Deputy Energy Minister said “we need to have abundant and reliable power from an energy mix that includes hydropower, natural gas, solar and wind”.

The Tanzanian Government awarded a tender last year to a joint venture of Egyptian companies, El Sewedy Electric Co and Arab Contractors, to build a $3 billion hydroelectric plant at Stiegler’s Gorge that will produce 2,100 MW upon completion in three years’ time.

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