Tech Company, Slack, Files for IPO of its Class A Common Stock

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Tech Company, Slack, Files for IPO of its Class A Common Stock

American cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge known as Slack, in a statement asked the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United Kingdom, to consider the public sale of its Class A common stock.

The tech company did not manage to actually kill email but is hoping to figuratively kill it on the stock market. The former messaging service buried within the development side of Glitch has confidentially.

According to Forbes, like many Silicon Valley companies before it, Slack is hoping to generate a ton of value before and after its Initial Public Offering.  While not all companies have found lasting success in going public, investors do not seem to pay too much mind to the history of IPOs in relation to any kind of social app, dumping a ton of cash into Slack, bumping up its valuation.

Slack is seeking a $10 billion valuation for its IPO. It has got a little way to go, but will most likely get there since confidentially announcing to the world that another tech IPO is on the way.

According to Slack the actual list price of the IPO will be something we will wonder about until the day the opening bell is rung by it founder Stewart Butterfield, high off the ashes of photos leftover in free Flickr accounts.

Slack, which has changed the way we communicate with colleagues (we can now inundate them with memes instead of simply stealing their lunches from the fridge) is only one of a few tech companies seeking IPOs this year. Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are also expected to go public this year.

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